The Padel Para Todos Association (ASPADO) has the honor of being one of the twelve associations that participate in the dissemination and visibility of the project "Don't look at me wrong", which arises from the need to demonstrate to society that any person, regardless of your situation or condition, you can achieve everything you set your mind to in life.

This is the philosophy that drives ASPADO and therefore joins this cause based on the song "Don't look at me badly" written by two young people from Madrid who, through their music, intend to send a positive message of personal improvement.

The objective of this campaign is to try to change the way that on many occasions we see people who have some type of situation or condition different from the majority, such as rare diseases, physical and mental disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion.

During the week of July 2 to 7, the video clip and the report were broadcast through social networks, in which all the collaborating associations appear, through real testimonies of personal improvement. The proceeds from the different initiatives will go to the participating associations.

"Don't look at me badly" arises from the concern of two young people, Sergio Ruiz Blanco (21 years old) and David Rabadán Durán (23 years old). David, known artistically as "Daw", is a young singer and songwriter from Madrid, who after publishing his first album "REAL" and playing in venues such as Siroco, Moby Dick or Teatro Barceló, decides to make a second album, in which one of the songs have a solidarity purpose

This song is titled "Don't look at me badly" and it talks about self-improvement, self-love and respect. Sergio, a law and ADE student, after listening to the song of his friend David, thought that the message of the song was important enough to make it known through all possible channels. Together they have worked to start the project and try to make society aware of the different realities that millions of people experience every day.

David and Sergio have highlighted that the message they want to convey is that all people are essentially the same and that our dreams are fulfilled depends on our efforts. “We want to represent all these people, who regardless of their condition or situation, can achieve what they set out to do. This will be our common thread in history and our main theme ”.

A dozen Associations involved in the initiative

Since they started this project, at the end of November 2018, there are already a dozen Associations that collaborate to try to give visibility to the initiative and raise funds in support of the different causes they represent. These associations are the Federation of Associations of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer's and other Dementias of the Community of Madrid (FAFAL); the Debra, Butterfly Skin Association to train and accompany both families and professionals on Epidermolysis bullosa; the AERyO Association, whose objective is to unite and give support to families affected by Hypophosphatemic Rickets and Osteomalacia, the Association for the study and care of Cystic Fibrosis; the Vallecas Coordinator, which contributes to generating social changes that improve the living conditions of children, youth and their families in vulnerable situations; the School of Rare Diseases 3rd of the Francisco de Vitoria University, whose objective is to train a new generation of professionals dedicated to Rare Diseases; the Gaudem Foundation, the Social Action for Music, Down Madrid, the Padel Para Todos Association (Aspado); Inaequo, on an equal footing with HIV / AIDS; and the Institute for Health Research and Training (Ifsa Salud).

A happy initiative that we applaud and support from ASPADO.

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