With the participation of more than 30 players from Argentina, Spain and Portugal, the fourth edition of the International Adapted Paddle Tournament organized by the Portuguese association Pádel Sem Barreiras was held in Lisbon.

Aspado was represented in the tournament by six players from the Madrid schools: Rocío, Pilin, Javi N, Javi P, Julio and Carlos.

The president of Aspado, Kiki de la Rocha, and the coordinator of monitors, Montse Guillen, led the expedition, which obtained good results and demonstrated the great work that has been done for 15 years.

The opportunity was propitious to exchange opinions with the referents of the associations of Argentina and Portugal.

The Argentine delegation of the Baccigalupo Foundation, chaired by its founder and former professional player, Cecilia Baccigalupo, was represented by 4 players with a very high level of competition: Diego, Martin, Belu and Maru.

From Aspado we want to thank those responsible for Pádel Sem Barreiras, Filipe Teixeira, Tiago Ferreira and Sonia Quintana, for the good attention and the great work they are developing with adapted paddle tennis in Portugal.

The day could not have a better ending, with our boys Javi P and Javi N sharing the track with a benchmark of Brazilian padel, Gervasio del Bono, who currently serves as Portugal's coach.

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