The Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital organizes next Wednesday, April 24, a more than interesting conference: “Improving the experience of people with disabilities”. The president of our Association, Dr. María de la Rocha, will be part of the panel and will speak about “Your respect yes, your compassion no”.

The day created to "see, hear ... and improve" will take place from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Francisco Grande Classroom of the University Hospital and is aimed at patients, relatives and Patient Associations, with the organization of the Advisory Council of Patients and Citizens of FJD, with the collaboration of ONCE, FIAPAS, APASCOVI.

It is part of the commemoration of the European Patient Rights Day.

The program will begin with a welcome from the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital Medical Directorate and then it will be the turn of the exhibitors.

16:00 Don't yell at me, I can't see you (ONCE Foundation)

16:15 Look at me, I can't hear you (FIAPAS Association)

16:30 I walk on crutches, but stomping to achieve my goals (Claudia Tecglen,

You live with spasticity. Motor disability)

16:45 Slowly, but without pause (Apascovi. Intellectual Disability)

17:00 Mine is weird, but don't be scared (FEDER. Rare Diseases)

17:15 Coffee break

17:45 I know him (Lola Sánchez Camacho, Mother of a patient with severe neurological pathology)

18:00 Your respect yes, your compassion no (Dra. María de la Rocha, Head of Section of the CMSc de Vicálvaro. Madrid Salud)

18:15 h. We have taken note! (Dr. Carmen Mateos, Assistant Rehabilitation Service Physician. Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital)

18:30 h. Disability Care Plan. QuirónSalud Group (Ms. Marta del Olmo, Director of the Information and Patient Care Service, Quirónsalud Public Hospitals)

18:45 h. Neither Champions nor poor people (Special Guest)

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