1. The ranking is played in the Madrid East Zone.
  2. The ranking is open to Men's, Women's and Mixed couples.
  3. The couples by mutual agreement choose the club and the date / time where they want to play each match. The couple playing the "local" must carry the match balls (in good condition).
  4. All the participants in the ranking will be sent the contact details of all the couples so that they can communicate with each other.
  5. The club's court expenses are to be paid by both couples.
  6. The ranking is disputed under the Swiss system format. (See Game system).
  7. El ranking se disputa entre el 1 de Octubre y el 30 de enero. Las finales se jugarán en un fin de semana de febrero(a determinar).
  8. It consists of 10 rounds, and for each round there are at least ten days to play the corresponding game.
  9. After the regular ranking, the finals will take place between the two best Male, Female and Mixed couples. There are prizes for the winners.
  10. The price is 15 euros / person, the full amount of which goes to the ASPADO association and whose purpose is to collaborate in the integration of people with disabilities through padel.
  11. The second registration is free for those players who are registered in more than one category (MASC / FEM and MIXED).
  12. A single payment of 15 euros must be made before starting the ranking in February


  13. It is possible that the possibility of payment in cash will be enabled in the clubs associated with the ranking. This point will be duly confirmed to those registered through the WhatsApp group of the ranking.
  14. The ranking information will be available both through the Association's website (https://padeladaptado.com/) and through the WhatsApp groups created for this purpose.


Padel Para Todos Association

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Send receipt of payment with the data of the person / couple to the Association's email:



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