frequent questions

What level do I set?

If you have a defined level in any of the partner clubs, such as the MCP level, use that level. If you do not have this level then try to set the level that you consider you have according to your criteria.

We recommend that you put the level of the weakest of the couple.

Where is it played?

The place where to dispute the confrontations is free, as long as it is agreed by the two couples that face each other. Logically, the playing area must be respected as much as possible, but there is no limitation on whether it is played in a club or in a private urbanization. 

Can you participate in more than one category?

Yes. You can participate in more than one category. It is designed so that, for example, a boy can participate in the male category and in turn in the mixed category, and the same in the case of a girl. In this case the price of the ranking is the same regardless of whether you register in 1 or 2 categories. If this is your case, you must register twice on this page, once per category and clearly state in observations that you are going to participate in more than one category.


Are all categories played together?

Indeed, it is a single ranking that encompasses all categories. The Swiss system is used, which always tries to match matches in which the pairs that face each other have the same points. In this way it can happen that there is a female partner who has 4 points and has to face a male partner with 4 points. It is understood that both couples having the same points have a similar level and the gender of the participants is not considered.

  Name 1 Name 2 Club
1 Abbot, Yolanda * Calvo, Francisco Javier ASPADO / /
2 Abad, Yolanda Recio, Francisco ASPADO / /
3 Aguera, Sergio de Dios, Alvaro ASPADO / /
4 Alonso, Adrian Garcia, Joaquin ASPADO / /
5 Alvarez, Alberto Rodriguez, Fco. Javier ASPADO / /
6 Archilla, Sofia Gonzalez, Monica * ASPADO / /
7 Arnaiz, Jose Antonio Vega, Agustin ASPADO / /
8 Arranz, Cristina del Rio, Ana ASPADO / /
9 Baladrón, Javier Poza, Alejandro * ASPADO / /
10 Bastida, Ana Parra, Raul ASPADO / /
11 Bravo, Javier Moreno, Rafael ASPADO / /
12 Duran, Javier Villa, Oscar ASPADO / /
13 During, Samuel Prieto, Carlos ASPADO / /
14 Garcia, Mar Quinones, Emilio ASPADO / /
15 Gil, Alfonso Dominguez, Jose ASPADO / /
16 Gonzalez, Monica Lebrero, Carlos ASPADO / /
17 War, Miguel Garcia, Jorge ASPADO / /
18 Gutierrez, Rocio Gomez, Jorge ASPADO / /
19 Blacksmith, Diego Manzano, Luis ASPADO / /
20 Jimenez, Daniel Revuelta, Unai * ASPADO / /
21 Llorente, Yolanda Sánchez, Esteban ASPADO / /
22 Lopez, Cristina Garcia, Mar * ASPADO / /
23 Lopez, Eva Alvarez, Cristina ASPADO / /
24 Martin, Fernando Vallaure, Pablo ASPADO / /
25 Mirabet, Miguel Angel Fernandez, Fernando ASPADO / /
26 Mirabet, Rocio Mirabet, Miguel Angel * ASPADO / /
27 Mitran, Daniel Herrero, Javier ASPADO / /
28 Muñoz, Jose Parra, Raul * ASPADO / /
29 Navarro, Isabel Castilian, Monica ASPADO / /
30 Polo, Susana Box, Sonia ASPADO / /
31 Poza, Alejandro Diaz, Marcos ASPADO / /
32 Perez, Eduardo Simarro, David ASPADO / /
33 Serrano, Elena Fernandez, Juan Manuel ASPADO / /
34 Sierra, Nacho Franco, Victor ASPADO / /
35 Sierra, Oliva Franco, Victor * ASPADO / /
36 Soria, Marisol Arevalo, Ana ASPADO / /
37 Vera, Guillermo Revuelta, Unai ASPADO / /



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