1. The ranking uses the Swiss system. In this system to match the matches to be played in each round, the current classification of the couples is taken into account so that it is always sought that couples that have the same points face each other. In addition, confrontations are not repeated. As an example, if in Round 4 a couple has 3 games won and 1 game lost, the Swiss system tries to pair it against another couple that also has 3 games won and 1 game lost and who have not yet played in any previous round between them. .
  2. In a round, substitutions can be made in any of the components of a couple (not both) as long as the couple against whom the match is going to be played agrees on the substitution and the level of the person substituted and the person surrogate is similar. In general, this type of substitution must be justified exclusively in the event of injury to any of the components or force majeure.
  3. The ranking is open to Men's, Women's and Mixed couples.
  4. The matches will be played to the best of 3 sets with tie-break in all sets. For each match the winning pair gets 1 point and the losing pair 0 points. If due to lack of time it is not possible to finish the game and always in common agreement between couples it may be decided to play a super tie break instead of the third set.
  5. The confrontations of each round and of which pairs they face in each round will be published on the first day of the beginning of each round before 2:00 p.m.
  6. The matches must be played in the period defined for each round and the result must be communicated by the winning couple to the Organization before 10.00 am from the beginning of the next round.
  7. Under the circumstance that the match has not been played on time and once the Organization knows why it has not been celebrated, it will determine which pair is considered the winner. The result in this situation will be 6-3 6-3 for the winning pair.
  8. The final classification and in each round is calculated based on:
    1. Total points achieved.
    2. Buchholz (sum of the points obtained by the opponents facing the pair).
    3. Set difference.
    4. Game difference.
  9. In the case of the finals, if two or more pairs are tied on points, the direct results between said pairs are first looked at. If they have not faced each other then the previous point applies. For this reason it is possible that in the final classification a couple is in a higher position (thanks to their buchholz) but nevertheless it is not a finalist because it is tied on points with another couple and also lost its match against said couple.


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