With the participation of 120 couples, the “I Bankinter Charity Tournament” began today at the facilities of the CDO Covaresa S XXI club and whose benefits will be donated to ASPADOCyL, the delegation of the Pádel Para Todos Association in Castilla y León.

Sponsored by the bank Bankinter, this first tournament of 2015 is held, in which federated and amateur players are participating in different categories: 2nd, 3rd and 4th male, 3rd and 4th female.

Participants can consult the game times and results in the tables published on the web pages www.padelcyl.com and www.cdocovaresa.com. The finals will take place on Sunday January 18 with the award ceremony and raffle of gifts among all participants.

On Saturday the 17th in the morning, the ASPADO students will play with Bankinter volunteer personnel and the participants in the tournament who wish, with their usual dedication of love, enthusiasm and paddle tennis.

The organization has conveyed satisfaction with the high number of participants to the tournament, taking into account that it is the first edition, the dates and the climate, which shows once again the rise of this sport and the good work that It has been carried out on the paddle tennis court in Castilla y León.

They also highlighted their gratitude to the large number of companies and institutions that have supported this test.

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