Within its expansion process, the Paddle for Everyone Association (ASPADO) has inaugurated its Delegation in Galicia last week, which will have Santiago de Compostela as its headquarters and which will expand with schools in other Galician cities.

Thus, one of the main objectives since the creation of ASPADO a decade ago is fulfilled, which is to bring the paddle adapted to all the Communities of Spain.

Galicia becomes the sixth ASPADO delegation and joins those already existing in Madrid, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia and the Canary Islands.

The president of ASPADO, Kiki de la Rocha, went to Santiago de Compostela to participate in the presentation of said delegation that will be led by Miguel Martínez de Orense.

The first school will operate precisely in Santiago de Compostela, with specialized monitors, and the next opening of another school in Vigo was also announced.

For the presentation in society, an Open Day was held at the facilities of the Let Pádel Ames club, which had the participation of several people with different types of disabilities.

In one of its first actions, ASPADO Galicia signed a collaboration agreement with the Jim Sports Group, through which “Softee Pádel” will provide the equipment to monitors and school students.

This agreement is part of the padel promotion project that the Jim Sports Group started last spring, supporting the best players in the Galician ranking and the young promises of that Community.

From ASPADO we want to thank the great work of many people to open this new delegation and also to the Jim Sports Group for their support.

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