The Diputación de Cádiz has held in Jerez the Gala of the Prizes of the Province for Disability Avance 16, in which the work carried out by the Association Pádel para Todos (ASPADO) was recognized. Manolo Bueno on behalf of the Andalusian delegation in the company of several students collected the award.

The event was attended by the president of the Cádiz Provincial Council, Irene García, the deputy of the Equality Area, Isabel María Moya, Social Welfare, Isabel Armario, and the mayor of Jerez, Mamen Sánchez.

"This recognition has sought to show the capacity and enthusiasm that exists in this province in the face of the powerful fabric of non-profit associations that, in collaboration with the Administrations, we are able to offer to this particular group and to society as a whole in general, ”said Irene García. He also highlighted that these awards coincide with the ten years since the enactment of the Dependency Law, “which came to recognize many people who had this difficulty, with the intention that the law be strengthened, that there be a fair commitment to the financing it and reaching people ”.

Encouraging the effective integration of disability and recognizing people, entities, associations or companies in the province that have been significant for their contributions to the normalization of this group in 2016, are the objectives pursued by these awards, which are divided into eight categories.

ASPADO received the Provincial Award for Inclusive Sports for People with Disabilities.

This is the complete list of the winners:

  • Provincial Award for Research or Therapeutic Project for the quality of life of people with disabilities. Avade.
  • Provincial Award for Inclusive Sports for People with Disabilities. Aspado. Paddle for everyone.
  • Provincial Award for Universal Accessibility. Andalusian Health Service. Cádiz-La Janda Bay District.
  • Provincial Award for Effective Gender Equality in the field of disability. AGEDIF. Association, Gender and Functional Diversity.
  • Provincial Award for the best cultural action of the arts carried out by people with disabilities. Sociocultural Association Flick-Flock Integrated Dance. Cadiz.
  • Provincial Award for the media in favor of the positive social image of disability. Raquel Sempere. Sherry. Special Mention Carmen de Manuel Vicente.
  • Provincial Award to the company in favor of the labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Cadiz Federation of Physically and / or Organic Disabled FEGADI.
  • Provincial Award for the most outstanding personal career in favor of disability. Isabel Pérez Aguirre. (Autismo Cádiz.) Emiliano Mancheño, co-founder of the Espérida Association and other associations of the Sierra de Cádiz.

These awards are part of the program of activities planned for the celebration on December 3 as 'International Day of Persons with Disabilities', proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly since 1992.

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