World Padel Tour renews its support for Padel For All Association (ASPADO) for the fourth consecutive year and the first action will take place in the Estrella Damm Valencia Master, with a center court display of four wheelchair players.
Since the creation of the professional World Padel Tour circuit, ASPADO has developed various activities during tournaments with exhibitions of its students and classes with the Association's monitors.
During the Estrella Damm Valencia Master, four of the best wheelchair players, David Gil Antón, Alejandro López Trapero, Rubén Mullor Reig and Francisco Lucas Lozoya, will hold an exhibition on the center court of Feria Valencia on Saturday in the semifinals day.
The Asociation, presided over by María de la Rocha, uses paddle tennis as a means to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, being a world benchmark in adapted sport.
The main brands, clubs and specialized publications are involved and collaborate so that adapted paddle tennis advances and develops, thus achieving that ASPADO can carry out its work and that people with disabilities achieve their objective.

ASPADO, declared of national public utility by the Ministry of the Interior, serves almost 300 people with different types and degrees of disability every year, multiplying greatly its indirect beneficiaries: families and society in general. The teachings are given by specialized professionals, who are capable of adapting the activity according to the age, characteristics and physical conditions of the student. These have the title of "Adapted Paddle Monitor".
From ASPADO we want to thank World Padel Tour for trusting again in the work that our Association develops.

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