As every year, the Padel for Everyone Association (ASPADO) puts out its calendar for sale that allows you to collaborate for the purchase of materials and other needs in each of the schools. Once again, the prestigious Olympus brand collaborates by donating a last generation camera to raffle among all those who buy the 2017 calendar.

It is already in print and in a few days the ASPADO Calendar 2017 will go on sale, which this year has as its main protagonists the students of the Association. They are the cover of each of the months, because it is they who we help with the purchase of the calendar, to provide them with more resources when it comes to doing what they like the most ... playing paddle tennis.

Like last year, the Olympus brand has donated an Olympus E-M10 Mark II OM-D camera to be raffled off among the buyers of the calendar.

Each calendar is numbered and the draw will take place on a date to be determined and which will be announced on our ASPADO website. For very little money you collaborate with the Association and, incidentally, you have the opportunity to take home a wonderful camera.

Contact the Association and do not run out of your 2017 calendar.

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