We have already shown, after the Alex Foundation votes, that we are VERY supportive. We have been the first and from here my deepest thanks to all those who have collaborated.

Now I ask you for even MORE collaboration to help a custom Padel Monitor. We must ALL campaign to ensure that Joaquín can live the best possible life.

Joaquín is in a coma after an accident on the paddle tennis court. The how is the least, the important thing is that the Healthcare reaches where it arrives and when the clinic becomes STABLE they send us home.

The only way out: Private rehabilitation and wheelchair adapted to the needs of each person.

It is not necessary to speak of numbers, we all know the costs of what we speak and they are very high!

Therefore we are going to give you a solidarity account that has been opened so that each one to the best of their ability, can collaborate, € 1 is very important !!! Many few do A LOT !!!

2038 2297 50  30 0088 3897




Likewise, all lovers of this sport have an important appointment from November 29 to December 1 at the 200 × 100 Padel club in Collado Villalba and in Padel Indoor de Valdemorillo. You can choose the venue !!

And on December 21 a charity soccer match in Los Negrales.


Please enter the website: www.otraoportunidadesposible.es If you do, I am sure that ALL of you will collaborate.







                                                                                        KIKI DE LA ROCHA

President of ASPADO

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