Words are lacking to describe the great party lived throughout the weekend at the CDO Covaresa S XXI, during the final stages of the “I Bankinter Charity Tournament”. A great sports festival, where beyond results the important thing has been SOLIDARITY, like this with capital letters.

Not even the intense cold that hit Valladolid was an impediment for this first tournament of the year to take place with great success, where more than 120 couples paraded through the slopes for 10 days.

The tournament, which was sponsored by the prestigious bank Bankinter and whose profits went to ASPADOCyL, the delegation of the Pádel Para Todos Association in Castilla y León, participated players in the categories: 2nd, 3rd and 4th male, 3rd and 4th 4th female.

The champions in the main male category were Javier Martínez and Jorge Barriuso, while in the female category Tania Revert and Marina Pinacho won the title.

There were also various activities by the ASPADO students from the Castilla y León schools, who demonstrated their skills together with the specialized monitors.

After the finals, the trophies were awarded and the various gifts of the sponsoring companies were drawn.

Once again, the great love that exists for this sport and the good work that has been done in the paddle tennis of Castilla y León has been demonstrated, and from the organization they have thanked all the participants and mainly the large number of companies and institutions who have supported the realization of this test.

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