After the success of the first edition, next Thursday, September 25, the “II Human Resources Digital Solidarity Tournament” will take place at the International Tennis Club (Madrid), organized in favor of ASPADO (Paddle for Everyone Association).

A total of 24 couples will participate in a day in which the least important will be the sports results. Representatives of many of the most important companies in Spain will dress in shorts and pick up their shovels with the aim of helping this institution that has been in operation for a decade and serves more than 250 people with physical or intellectual disabilities each year.

Digital Human Resources organizes this tournament with the aim of uniting sport and business in order to bet on the labor and social integration of people with functional diversity.

The paddle will once again show its most supportive and committed face next Thursday at the facilities of the International Tennis Club, with this II Human Resources Digital Solidarity Tournament.

If this sport has been characterized by something since its inception, it has been by its willingness to contribute to any type of charitable initiative. If something has defined the spirit of the first on-line newspaper in the Human Resources world since it took its first steps, that has been its firm intention of putting its grain of sand in the most diverse social causes ... So, how could it not To be otherwise, only this project could emerge from the union of both parties.


Several companies have once again contributed their grain of sand to this good cause. Alentis, Cigna, Infiniti, Check Gourmet, Atisa, Have a Nice Fruit, are some of the sponsoring companies of this II Solidarity Tournament.

A world leader, specialized in health insurance for companies and individuals, Cigna has been in Spain since 1954. Characterized by its customer service, its experience and a prestigious medical team, it is, without a doubt, a luxury sponsor for the first edition of the Health and Business HR Digital Award.

Gourmet Check is a motivational element highly valued by workers, and represents an important economic advantage for companies and employees.

GRUPO ATISA aims to: transform knowledge and experience into a value for the benefit of our clients, offering them comprehensive, reliable, effective solutions for professional business and people management services.

Have a Nice Fruit selects the best seasonal fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and serves them directly at their perfect degree of maturity, so that you can enjoy the best fruit and the best juice with all its properties every day and at any time.

From ASPADO we want to thank all these companies and in particular Digital Human Resources for organizing this second solidarity tournament. We wait for you!

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