The Organization for the Promotion of Disabilities (OID) offers the possibility to thousands of people with some type of disability to start in the world of work and have a stability that, in turn, serves to be able to live with dignity with a fair salary and to demonstrate to themselves and to society that they disabled people are not disabled.

The OID also collaborates with multiple public and private institutions, in addition to providing aid to people with some type of disability who set themselves a challenge.

This is the case of ASPADO. The OID has collaborated in recent years with the work of ASPADO, being in solidarity in the printing of both the ballots for the raffles that have been carried out throughout the year, and in the printing of the solidarity calendar that ASPADO carries out annually.

More than 3,000 people with some type of disability work at the OID, distributed throughout the national territory, these people market the OID Euroboleto, which is the most important and supportive product of the organization.

The OID is a non-profit non-governmental organization that fights for the integration of the group of disabled people in Spain, both physically, mentally and sensory disabled.

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