With the participation of 116 players from different Spanish communities and Portugal, the International Adapted Paddle Tournament was held in the standing mode organized by ASPADO.
With players between the ages of 4 and 69, this competition was held on the Madrid Central Pádel club courts.
Two days of fun and learning with the presence of all the instructors of the Association who work day by day with all our students and to whom we greatly appreciate their dedication and effort.
The president of ASPADO, Kiki de la Rocha, highlighted the great call for this test that has the endorsement of the International Paddle Federation (FIP) and thanked the support of the brands and institutions that made the tournament possible.

Children's Champion Sports Skills: Nicolas Lopez
Children's Runner-up Sports Skills: Jordi Saludes
Low Adapted Children's Champion: Bruno Avilleira
Low Adapted Infant Runner-up: Carlos Humphrey
Champion Adult Category Sports Skills: Marina MARTÍN
Runner-up Adults Sports Skills: Santiago Pita
Low Adapted Adult Champion: Sonia Quinta (Portugal)
Runner-up Adults Adapted Bass: M. Angeles Cobeña
High Adapted Adult Champions: Manuel Gadea and José Escrivá.
High Adapted Adult Runners-Up: Miguel Serrano and Diego Merino.
Adult Champions Adapted Competition: Claudia Villapalos and Manuel Rodríguez
Adult Runners-Up Adapted Competition: Rocío Raimundo and Pablo Serrano
Conventional Competition Champions: Javier Naval and Raül Serrano
Runners-up in Conventional Competition: Carlos Tabor and Javier Pozo

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