The study "Resilience in Adapted Padel Trainers", carried out by ASPADO and the UAM Department of Psychology, has been selected to be exhibited at the "I National Padel Research Congress" to be held in Granada on 5 and March 6, in the I + D Armilla building of the Health Technology Park and the Mixed University Sports and Health Institute (iMUDS).

This work, which was carried out jointly between ASPADO and the Autonomous University of Madrid, was carried out based on the opinion of more than 150 adapted paddle tennis monitors. Resilience is the ability of human beings to face adversity, emerging stronger and reaching a state of professional and personal excellence.

"Previously a similar study had been carried out but with conventional paddle monitors, by the renowned psychologist Oscar Lorenzo, and this aroused interest to do it with adapted paddle monitors, with the help of the UAM Department of Evolutionary Psychology" , explained the president of ASPADO, María de la Rocha.

The work will be presented at this first Congress in poster format and the congressmen who so wish will receive explanations from Francisco Batista, Master in Sports Psychology and PhD candidate from the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the UAM.

This congress, which is being held for the first time, has the main objective of promoting and promoting scientific research and knowledge in paddle tennis, contributing to the dissemination of rigorous and contrasted information that help to a more controlled and healthy practice in one of the most practiced sports. from the country.

The varied and complete program aims to generate debates on topics of current interest such as the benefits and health risks of paddle tennis, injury prevention, physical condition training in paddle tennis, psychology, nutrition, biomechanics, new technologies and materials or analysis of the competition through video.

The congress will be attended by about 20 expert speakers in their area, including researchers from the University of Granada of recognized international prestige within the field of Sports and Health Sciences.

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