"The disabled athlete is like the others," said the coach of the Spanish soccer team, Vicente Del Bosque, during his participation in a digital meeting organized by the website of the Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of the Community Madrid (FAMMA-Cocemfe Madrid)
Del Bosque was "convinced" that the athlete with disabilities is "like others" and stressed that "The physical, mental or social benefits of sport are for all people," he said. The man from Salamanca also made it clear that to increase the visibility of Paralympic sport "has a lot to do with sponsors." «First there is the help of the Administration and then that of the sponsors. You invest more in the athletes present, which is good, but you also have to prepare future generations, "he said.
“I believe that the Paralympic sport has been given greater notoriety. And the media also have to be thanked. Teresa Perales is nominated for the Princess of Asturias Award and has had the unanimous support of all those previously awarded ", recalled the coach, who does not know" if one hundred percent "access for people with disabilities to sport is guaranteed and that this "is not a privilege" but "a right."

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