World Padel Tour renews its support for the Padel Para Todos Association (ASPADO) which will once again be the social cause of the professional circuit during this 2014 season, when it is ten years since its creation.

The Association, chaired by María de la Rocha, will continue to be present in all the tournaments of the year with its students, with demonstrations on the track of the work carried out by the monitors in the different schools that ASPADO has in five communities: Madrid, Castilla León, Castilla la Mancha, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. The opening of new delegations in Extremadura, Catalonia and Galicia is scheduled soon.

Some of these students participated in the clinics given on the track that World Padel Tour set up in Caja Mágica during the Mutua Madrid Open tennis, an opportunity in which they were able to share with one of the best Spanish tennis players: Carlos Moyá.


ASPADO, uses paddle tennis as a means to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, being a world reference in adapted sport.

The main brands, clubs and specialized publications are involved and collaborate so that adapted paddle tennis advances and develops, thus achieving that ASPADO can carry out its work and that people with disabilities achieve their objective.



ASPADO, declared of national public utility by the Ministry of the Interior, serves some 200 people with different types and degrees of disability each year, greatly multiplying its indirect beneficiaries: families and society in general. The teachings are given by specialized professionals, who are capable of adapting the activity according to the age, characteristics and physical conditions of the student. These have the title of "Adapted Paddle Monitor".

All those attending the tournaments will be able to collaborate with this Association by participating in the raffles that are carried out. The money raised is directed to the purchase of various materials for the better functioning of the schools.


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