ASPADO has been holding a large number of solidarity tournaments this year aimed at raising funds for the maintenance and purchase of materials for our schools. Many are the people who cannot participate in them and also wish to collaborate with ASPADO. For this reason we have created a ZERO ROW so that all those who wish to can collaborate with our Association.

Thanks to the great effort of many people, ASPADO has been working for more than a decade on the social integration of people with disabilities through the practice of paddle tennis.

Many are the companies and institutions that also collaborate with the Association and that have allowed us to expand more and more.

Now we have decided to open this ZERO ROW that will help us continue to raise funds to make the work of our schools more sustainable.

All those who can and wish to collaborate with ASPADO can do so through this account: ES 52 2038 1077 11 6000759521

Thank you very much in advance and we invite you to come to one of our schools to learn more about our work.

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